IZ*ONE To Resume Their Activities In February

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IZ*ONE will be resuming their activities in February.

On Jan. 23, it was announced by Mnet that after discussion with the members’ agencies and listening to the opinions of their fans, they had decided to resume their activities by respecting the wishes.

Mnet shared that IZ*ONE will begin their activities sometime in February and promise to let many fans who have been waiting for a long time know about the details as soon as possible. They also hope that many would continue to support and encourage IZ*ONE who did not have any wrong during this period of time.

IZ*ONE To Resume Their Activities In February

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Previously, IZ*ONE was scheduled to make their comeback in November 2019. Unfortunately, they had to postpone it due to the manipulating controversy of Mnet “Produce” series.

Are you looking forward to their return?


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