Jang Ki Yong Nails the Smexy Killer Vibe in First Teaser for OCN Drama Kill It


I felt the drama title for OCN thriller Kill It was a tad too over but when I hear male lead Jang Ki Yong say “Kill it” in the teaser it totally brought shivers down my spine. Kill It continues the OCN strength with genre dramas and this one promotes to leading man status two very good looking young actors with Nana joining Jang Ki Yong to play a cop chasing killer game. He’s an elite killer for hire looking for his past and she’s got a mystery of her own to solve as she’s trying to track him down. I trust OCN to know how to bring sleek and cool vibes and this teaser has it in spades, and it doesn’t hurt that Jang Ki Yong plausibly embodies the hot assassin vibe. Me likey.

Trailer for Kill It: