Jasper Liu Hitting Higher Popularity in Mainland China Thanks to TW-drama Before We Get Married


The currently airing TW-drama Before We Get Married is also being simul-streamed in China and that’s led to a fast rising popularity for male lead Jasper Liu. The first country outside of Taiwan where he got popular was in Japan for his dorkiness, later came South Korea after the melo movie More Than Blue, and now he’s conquering the Mainland as well with Before We Get Married. He’s been playing the nice boy next door for soooooo long that Before is both a refreshing change to his image but also giving him a character that I love. Ke Huan is firm but principled, and I love that he’s responsible without being a permanent push over to his clingy now ex-girlfriend. I’m sure Jasper will keep on winning more hearts, he’s got the looks and now the improved acting to progress his career.