Jeon SoMi Said This Idol Was Like An Ahjussi Who Had Fun Touching Her

jeon somi


One of THE BLACK LABEL’s most promising artists, Jeon SoMi, had quite a story to tell about her earlier days when she was active as a member of former girl group I.O.I.

Back during the time when she made an appearance on KBS’s ‘Happy Together’, one idol confessed that she had so much fun touching Jeon SoMi because she felt SoMi had a great body.

So you might be wondering just who the K-Pop idol is.

It’s none other than former I.O.I member SeJeong. SoMi stated that she noticed how SeJeong was like a middle-aged man, an ahjussi, who liked to get touchy at times.



Park MyungSoo joking told SeJeong she should take caution as she might get arrested.


You can check out the clip below!