Jin Goo puts everything on the line for ‘Legal High’


Jin Goo maybe best known for his performance in Descendants of the Sun, but he is out to prove that he has a lot to offer.  His portrayal of Seo Dae-young in the hit 2016 series was something a lot of drama fans adored. He did other projects afterwards, but it seems that he has yet to find a project whose success would not pale in comparison to DOTS.

As far as television viewership rating is concerned, his first post-DOTS project, Night Light, is something he could not be proud of. The same can be said for his previous drama Untouchable, which obtained a small nationwide average rating of 2.8 percent.

But it seems Jin Goo’s new drama, Legal High, is promising. Based on a Japanese legal comedy of the same title that gained a huge following in South Korea, the series follows the story of protagonist Go Tae-rim, played by him, an eccentric lawyer with a case success rate of 100 %. He is the kind of lawyer who is willing to take on any case in exchange for a generous payment—an attitude that raises the eyebrows of a novice lawyer (played by Seo Eun-soo) whose faith in the law is untainted. Despite their opposing views, however, the two will have to work together in winning cases.

Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

The pressure is high for the Korean version to surpass the expectations of the viewers who saw the original but Jin Goo saw this as a good challenge. PD Kim Jung-hyun of Hwayugi who cast Jin Goo for the role said he was impressed to see that Jin Goo was ready to put everything on the line to portray his character in Legal High.

Legal High will air every Friday and Saturday on JTBC beginning February 8, taking over the time slot previously occupied by Sky Castle.

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