Jin Ki-joo lost in thought in new promos from ‘The Secret Life Of My Secretary’


SBS’ upcoming romantic drama The Secret Life Of My Secretary has introduced Jin Ki-joo‘s character with stills and a teaser, just like it what it did earlier this week for her co-star Kim Young-kwang. 

In the still images released on March 29, Jin Ki-joo is wearing a red cardigan and a polka-dotted dress. She looks adorable with glasses covering her face and curly hair. In one still, she seems deep in thought. The next still shows her holding several shopping bags and looking surprised.

Ji Ki-joo is playing the lead female role in The Secret Life Of My Secretary, an office romance drama about her character, an office secretary named Jin Gal-hee, and a manager by the name of Do Min-ik (played by Kim). Manager Do is perfectionist and cold-hearted, often calling her secretary at odd times and making mean comments about her work. Meanwhile, Jin is a hot-tempered secretary who becomes a regular employee by completing all the unusual tasks, without any complaint, assigned to her by her boss.

On March 28, SBS released a new teaser featuring Jin Ki-joo’s character. She is shown sitting on the porch on a rainy day and lifting her hand to catch raindrops while thinking, “It’s raining. Is he okay? I miss him.”

The Secret Life Of My Secretary is penned by Kim Ah-jung, who wrote Queen Of Ring (2017) and Divorce Lawyer In Love (2015). It is scheduled to premiere on May 6 and will take over the time slot currently occupied by Haechi.

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