Jin Woo Figures Out the End Game in Episode 13 of Memories of Alhambra as Ratings Stay Steady in 9% Range


I feel like all that needs to be dissected about Memories of Alhambra is over and done with, the flaws and strengths remain at what it is and it’s just riding the train for the final four episodes to see how the writer resolves everything. I’ve never seen a drama where one lead has had to hard carry the entire show the way Hyun Bin as Jin Woo does but once that is digested the story makes sense within its fantasy construct of an AR game run amok. Se Joo was attacked by Marco in front of NPC Emma who is his sister and likely the game fail safe, she either short circuited or activated some weird game glitch to make game injuries become real life attacks.

Hence Se Joo killed Marco in the game and real life the way Jin Woo later did the same with Hyun Seok. Now he has to level up to 100 between dodging cops and somehow get a magical key to Emma and hope it somehow resets everything. I’m still entertained, mostly by Binnie being so riveting in this role, and clearly the audiences onboard are staying put as the ratings remain steady at 9.316%. As cool as Jin Woo was in this episode, it was mostly flash back filler redeemed by the Professor shitting his pants once he was in the game and realized everything Jin Woo has been saying is true.