Jo Yeo Jung Confirmed for KBS Drama Woman of 9.9 Billion and Kim Kang Woo Still in Talks


KBS has lined up all its dramas through the end of 2019 now and the final Wed-Thurs drama to air Woman of 9.9 Billion premieres in November after When the Camellia Blooms. Woman stars Jo Yeo Jung who is having a phenomenal year as part of the ensemble cast for award winning and box office topping movie Parasite. She goes from playing a rich wife there to also playing a rich woman here, though one who goes from no means to getting 9.9 billion won and using it to fight back against the world. It’s from the PD of Cinderella Unni and Hong Gil Dong, with the script from the melo writer of White Nights, Last, Temptation, Dr. Jin, and Time Between Dog and Wolf. With Jo Yeo Jung on board, the production can turn towards convincing Kim Kang Woo to also sign on as he remains in talks for the male lead.