Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul Tackle Paparazzi Journalism in SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Big Issue


I wasn’t quite sure what SBS upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Big Issue would be about but a tense action flick was far from mind. The previews make it look like a straight up thriller flick with intrigue, hiding, surveillance, and Han Ye Seul doing her best femme fatale impersonation. She pulls it off for sure while male lead Joo Jin Mo looks like he just came back from a few months in the wild doing his best Bear Grylls look. I’m not getting a strong vibe that this drama or genre is going to bring in a ton of viewers but I’m curious to see what story the production plans to tell in a world where tabloids have run amok and legitimate press is called fake news. The drama premieres this week after a week break following the conclusion of An Empress’s Dignity

Big Issue: