jTBC Mega Hit Drama Sky Castle Ends with 23.779% Ratings But Audience Panned Final Episode 20


The general consensus with the final episode 20 of jTBC Fri-Sat surprise hit drama Sky Castle was that the viewers will all remember the drama being episodes 1-19. That means episode 20 was such a letdown on what was otherwise a gripping drama that riveted a nation’s attention with each episode increasing in ratings without any slippage. The final episode still brought in a record 23.779% AGB nationwide ratings, so high for a cable drama that I don’t foresee anyone vying for the champion throne anytime soon, or ever. The general gripe with episode 20 was the rather tacked on happy ending that didn’t flow from the episodes prior and seemed to be disjointed even within the narrative flow. But writing 19 tightly written episodes is already a feat so I’ll give the screenwriter a pass for not knowing how best to end her tale. It definitely injected excitement back into drama watching and deserves all the accolades.