Judge Denies Arrest Warrant Leaving SeungRi To Walk Free At The Moment

bigbang seungri

Just recently on May 14th, after being seen in handcuffs walking outside the Seoul Central District Court, former BIGBANG member SeungRi has managed to escape out of his legal troubles as the judge denied the prosecution’s request for his arrest warrant.

Some of the suspicions that SeungRi has been investigated for recently involved the solicitation of prostitutes, embezzlement, and the violation of the Food Sanitation Act.

The judge has also stated that while there is room for dispute regarding SeungRi’s embezzlement suspicions, there wasn’t any sufficient reason nor evidence to have him detained.

However, whether is SeungRi is completely off the hook and free to walk for good is still out in the open as the prosecution may come after him again with a different case.

Stay tuned for updates!