Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min Play Peek-a-boo in Drama Posters for MBC Romance Spring Night


PD Ahn Pan Seok really has a strong visual identity when he crafts his dramas. Each is unique and you can see that he maps out the entire tapestry in advance so there is cohesiveness in the production collateral, casting, and story line. His next drama is the MBC romance Spring Night and he’s gone overboard to deliver both the spring and the night. We see blooming flowers in stills with male lead Jung Hae In and a lot of night scenes that still feel a tad chilly because the warmth of the summer nights hasn’t arrived yet. The two official drama posters are not as overly romantic as for his last drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain), instead teasing the two leads interest in each other, be it peeking at the same building or peering between stacks at the library. I hope the drama is as good as PD Ahn’s dramas tend to start out and this time stay good to the very end because female lead Han Ji Min is on a hot roll.