Jung Hae In and Han Jin Min Sell the Slow Burn at Press Conference and Previews for MBC Romance Spring Night


Some onscreen pairings giving off sparks whether due to chemistry or as created by the story line, so for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs romance Spring Night I’m going to say that both the leads and the story will deliver a slow and steady build up. Leads Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In attended the press conference this week along with well known PD Ahn Pan Seok to give a peek at what’s in store. It feels very chaste and subtle and the leads were dressed appropriately to convey a formal and innocent vibe. The romance between a librarian and a pharmacist could be one of the boringest personality stereotypes out there so I think it’s even more interesting for PD Ahn to craft a story that draws in viewers especially with his preferred quiet and low key style. Spring Night premieres this Wednesday and if it’s another hit maybe the K-netizens to warm back up to Jung Hae In again.

Long preview for Spring Night: