Jung Il-woo faces enemy in latest stills for historical drama ‘Haechi’


Jung Il-woo’s (Cinderella and Four Knights) and Lee Kyung-young’s new stills for historical drama Haechi gives viewers a sneak peek of the conflict between their two characters.

Haechi is a new sageuk which centers on Prince Yeoning—also known as Lee Geum, played by Jung—who teams up with a ragtag group of people to take the throne that is being taken away from him due to the fact that his mother is a commoner and slave. On his side is a female investigator (played by Go Ara) and an aspiring public officer (Kwon Yool) who are all ready to support him as the rightful heir to the throne. In order for the trio to succeed, they must go against the evil ploys of Min Jin-heon, portrayed by Lee Kyoung-young, and his men.

Photo Credit: YTN

In the new set of stills released by the show’s production team on February 8, Prince Yeoning—who will later become King Yeongjo—and Min Jin-heon look at each other with contempt, a situation which dictates the unfriendly tone of their relationship. While Prince Yeoning is a heir desperate to take what he deserves and fight for justice, Min Jin-heon is a palace official hungry for power who is willing to take a risk to take the prince down. The conflict between their characters is a major plot in a story about King Yeongjo, who, despite his fame as the tragic Crown Prince Sado’s father, is taking center stage for the first time in a mainstream series.

Haechi is written by screenwriter Kim Yi-young, who has penned other hit historical dramas like Yi San and Dong Yi. Direction is handled by PD Lee Yong-seok who is best known for directing The Village Achiara’s Secret and Iljimae.

Inspired by the mythological creature Haechi, a guardian of justice, Haechi will be broadcast on SBS every Monday and Tuesday beginning February 11, taking over the time slot previously occupied by My Strange Hero.

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