Jung Il-woo, Go Ara, other cast members attend press conference for ‘Haechi’


The press conference for SBS’s new drama, Haechi, was held at SBS headquarters in Mok-dong, Seoul on February 11. The cast comprising of Jung Il-woo, Go Ara, Kwon Yul, Jung Moon-sung and Park Hoon attended the press conference to introduce the series, along with director Lee Yong-seok.

A historical drama with a background setting of the Joseon Saheonbu investigative bureau, Haechi tells the story of four very different people who team up to reclaim a throne and fight injustice. It stars Jung Il-woo (Cinderella and Four Knights) as Lee Geum (later King Yeongjo), a witty prince who faces difficulty in succeeding to the throne due to his status as someone born out of wedlock. Go Ara (Miss Hammurabi) stars as the female protagonist Yeo-ji, a brilliant female Saeheonbu investigator who is discriminated against in her workplace due to her gender.

Rounding out the main cast are Kwon Yul (Voice 2), who plays the role of a hardworking, righteous, and aspiring public servant Park Moon-soo, and Park Hoon (Memories Of The Alhambra) who plays Dal-moon, a famous clown who also happens to be good at martial arts.

Director Lee Yong-seok, who is directing his third saguek after Iljimae: The Phantom Thief (2008) and The Great Seer (2012-2013), said, “I was attracted by this script because I could really sympathize with the characters, and it had a sophistication that most historical dramas tend to lack.”

Jung Il-woo poses for photographs during the press conference of his new series, Haechi, on February 11. (Photo Credit: TV Report)

Haechi is Jung Il-woo’s comeback drama after serving in the military. Admitting his nervousness about his new project, he revealed, “I was worried about making a comeback after serving in the army, but I’m grateful the director chose me for this project. I will put all my passion and energy into this role.”

Talking about his character, Lee Geum, Jung also said, “I am determined to show a new side to me through this character. I focused on the tone, which is neither heavy nor light.” His inspirations for the role were Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in in the movie The Throne (2015), where the former played the tragic Crown Prince Sado’s father (King Yeongjo)—a historical figure who is taking center stage for the first time in a mainstream series through Haechi.

As for the competition between his new series and another drama, Item, Jung Il-woo said, “I am a huge fan of Ju Ji-hoon, and Jin Se-yeon is a close friend. I think it will be a great competition.” Haechi, Item, and The Light In Your Eyes all premiered on February 11.

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