Jung Kyung-ho signs ominous contract in first teaser from ‘When The Devil Calls Your Name’


tvN just dropped the very first video teaser from one of its most-awaited dramas in July—the Jung-Kyung-ho starrer When The Devil Calls Your Name.

Jung Kyung-ho essays the role of troubled songwriter Ha Rip, whose fame and prestige hide a dark secret—that he sold his soul to a devil named Ryu in exchange for his talents. Park Sung-woong (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) plays an actor possessed by Ryu. When Ha Rip’s contract nears its end, he gets embroiled in a dangerous game with Ryu that might cost him his life. Also starring in the series are Lee El (Matrimonial Chaos), who takes on the role of Ha Rip’s friend and the CEO of his agency, and Lee Seol (Less Than Evil), who plays a little-known artist.

The teaser stays true to the terrifying theme of interacting with the devil, opening with spooky-sounding music as several montages play in quick succession—the sun setting, a clock ticking, a pen resting beside a music sheet, someone playing a guitar, a red seal being opened, and the camera panning over the words in a contract. As the contract gets signed, the ink smolders, and a long-nailed hand with burned skin stretches out from the darkness. The camera zooms onto Jung Kyung-ho’s face as he stands at the threshold of a room that has caught fire and admits to selling his soul to the devil.

Several things about this drama has fans waiting in anticipation—from Jung Kyung-ho’s long hair and his reunion with Life On Mars co-star Park Sung-woong to its exploration of the Faustian theme. The trailer of the show effectively establishes its tone—spooky, intense and unpredictable.

When The Devil Calls Your Name is directed by Min Jin-ki, the director of acclaimed sci-fi drama Circle and written by Noh Hye-young, the writer behind Come Back Mister. It is set to premiere on July 31, succeeding Search: WWW.

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