JYP Asks Jackson Why He Made “The Face” During MAMA 2019

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JYP Entertainment

Remember GOT7 member Jackson’s facial expression during the 2019 MAMA? It turns out that there was actually a solid reason for him making that expression.

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We know that he made that memorable face during JYP and MAMAMOO Hwasa’s performance. But what exactly was it that caused Jackson to stare that way? JYP himself asked Jackson on Instagram if he did something wrong.


And Jackson replied.

It turns out that Jackson made the face after seeing the see-through pants that JYP was wearing during the performance. And yes, by the see-through pants, we mean the same infamous one that he wore ages ago that quickly became a kind of joke amongst K-Pop fans.

But JYP recently showed that he doesn’t regret his fashion choices of the past and that he can still rock them even now.

You can check out what Jackson said below in his Instagram post!


Some things really don’t seem to change.

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