JYP Employee Calls YG Fake & BLACKPINK’s YouTube Views Pointless


An employee of JYP Entertainment has recently bashed on YG Entertainment after the scandals surrounding the agency’s former idol SeungRi. 

The employee stated:

“A company with poor and unstable foundation. YG Entertainment is an agency that best describes this phenomenon. The company’s values, the mindset of their leadership, their attitude towards their artists, promotions full of bluffs and empty hype, it seems like there’s not a single thing that they can do correctly. SeungRi’s scandal is just what we see on the surface. A castle built on sand constantly invites imminent crisis.

There have been two groups who have released a hit song under the title ‘Lies’. But BIGBANG will never be g.o.d. Neither should they allowed to be. The title of ‘the nation’s boy group’ is one that is far too precious to be given to them.

Why do articles that say things like ‘BLACKPINK Becomes The First K-Pop Group To Reach 70o Million On YouTube’ look so pointless? How long are these guys going to focus on building the wall of their castle, the part that is on display to the public, instead of what’s on the inside? I pity YG Entertainment, a company that will fall after just one single storm, one single wave.

A former YG employee protested and stated:

“I don’t think you should write stuff like this.”