JYP Finally Reveals Why He Wore Infamous & Legendary See Through Pants


You’ve probably seen it by now, the infamous photo of JYP Entertainment founder Park JinYoung wearing a pair of see-through trousers that makes you wonder just what has been going on inside his head.


Just recently on an episode of ‘Super Intern’, a few select fans were invited to his twenty fifth anniversary exhibition. And as they were walking along, fans noticed something very familiar.

super intern jyp


JYP explained why he chose to wear the see-through pants. He stated:

“Back in the old days, we were not allowed to wear sunglasses when coming out on broadcasting stations. Shades were banned. People were suspended from appearing on broadcasting stations if they wore sunglasses, wore earrings, or dyed their hair.”

It turns out that JYP chose to implement the shock value strategy out of immense frustration towards the strict regulations that South Korean broadcasting stations implemented in the past. Could you imagine K-Pop idols and singers not being able to dye their hair or rock cool jewelry and accessories? K-Pop definitely has come a long way since then.

JYP stated that he wore less attention grabbing attire during rehearsals on purpose so that he could wear shocking outfits such as the see through pants when appearing at the actual live performance stage to shock the entire nation.

One thing we love about JYP, is that he has the rebellious and youthful spirit that all artists should have.