JYP’s Reaction When GOT7 JB Shows Songs He Wrote & What Happened After

got7 jb


Anyone who makes music or tries making music knows that feeling when letting someone listen to it expecting a bit of positive feedback and mutual excitement often times ends up in receiving either a lukewarm response sometimes including constructive criticisms.

For instance, one time during an episode of ‘Hyena On The Keyboard’, GOT7’s leader JB met up with JYP himself, wanting to show the director some of the music that he had been working on.

And hilariously, JYP just stops the first song right after ten seconds. Look at JB’s sudden confusion going “what?”.


JYP stated that the song was much too basic and wasn’t very memorable, saying it was musically fun but just not good to listen to.

The second song was criticized for being too “foreign”. You can see the frustration on JB’s face slowly building up.

Which is why he decided to go bowling to vent, hoping to find some sympathy and consolation from group members YoungJae and YuGyeom.

It’s hard not to laugh at the fact that even bowling wasn’t going too well for him, as he ended up getting his ball straight in to the gutters, missing all the pins.

YoungJae steps in and tells JB to imagine all the pins are JYP. And ends up getting a strike.