K-Pop 101: Difference Between Concert, Fanmeeting, Fansign And More


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Being a new K-Pop fan can be tough sometimes as there are just so many contents to catch up and things to know. If you have just started your journey as a K-Pop fan, we would first of all welcome you into the community.

In the K-Pop world, there are many events out there that allow K-Pop fans to enjoy the music, fangirl/boy over K-Pop idols and most importantly, have fun!

Kpopmap thought that it might be interesting to share some of the differences between the major events that K-Pop fans are largely talking about.


#1 Concert

K-Pop 101: Difference Between Concert, Fanmeeting, Fansign And More

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Perhaps the easiest thing to differentiate among K-Pop events is concert! Concert is the time when fans would gather together and watched the performance of their favorite K-Pop group.

During this time, the group will perform not only their title tracks but also their B-tracks. These days, it is also common to see idols doing special solo stages or even cover songs and dances during their concert. K-Pop concerts usually last between 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the group.

Some K-Pop groups would also head overseas and have their world tour. For the latest information of world tour, make sure to check out this page.


#2 Fanmeeting

K-Pop 101: Difference Between Concert, Fanmeeting, Fansign And More

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Fnameeting in Korea comes in two different forms. The first kind of fanmeeting is the one that is held on the spot during their promotion period, before or after their pre-recording for a music show.

Usually most of the time, the fanmeeting is free and fans sit in an orderly manner on the ground during the fanmeeting. They get to share some stories and interact with the fans. In some occasions, in order to repay the fans’ love and continuous support, some idol groups would also call a coffee truck just for their fans.

Another kind of fanmeeting is the one which you have to purchase a ticket to watch! For this fanmeeting, it is usually scheduled at least 1 month ahead of time with also official merchandises being sold. During this time, the idol group performs several songs and also play games with their fans.


#3 Fansign

K-Pop 101: Difference Between Concert, Fanmeeting, Fansign And More

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Just like the title suggest, fansigns are the time when fans get to receive their favorite K-Pop idols’ autograph on their album. During this time, the fan would get to talk to the idol personally for about 1 minute before they have to move on to the next member.

This is also one of the K-Pop events that many fans would die to go for as the idols tend to remember their names and faces the most. K-Pop idols would also put on adorable head pieces or even hilarious costumes that the fans had prepared for them.


#4 Debut/Comeback Showcase

Debut or comeback showcases only happen once during the release of a new album and they take place in Korea. Usually only a small amount of fans get to witness the showcase because the venue is usually not largely secured.

These days V-Live would also live-stream the showcase so that even fans from overseas are able to witness the idols’ comeback or debut showcase together!

It is somewhat similar to a talk show as the group will introduce and promote their album together with a MC. The MC would also ask questions that many fans are curious about and facilitate the entire flow of the showcase.

Here, their new songs will be performed.


#5 Hi-Touch

K-Pop 101: Difference Between Concert, Fanmeeting, Fansign And More

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Hi-Touch may be new to some and it is something that happens more frequently outside of Korea such as Japan! These days as K-Pop idols travel around their world for their concert or fanmeeting tour, some organizers tend to add in extra benefits for the K-Pop fans.

During these time, hi-touch is one of the many extra events and fans get to have a simple hi-five with their idols!

Share with us which event do you want to go to the most!