K-Pop 101: How To Enjoy A K-Pop Concert In Korea?

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Being a new K-Pop fan can be tough sometimes as there are just so many contents to catch up and things to know. If you have just started your journey as a K-Pop fan, we would first of all welcome you into the community.

Previously, we explained the difference between several K-Pop events such as concert, fanmeeting, fansign and so on and today, we will be talking on how to enjoy your fullest in a concert in Korea.

It is never easy scoring a ticket in Korea but when you actually do so, it is just like the feeling of winning a lottery ticket! So you made it to Korea and head down to the concert venue but instead of just waiting for the show to start, there are actually many things for you to do before the actual show begins.


#1 Official fan activities and merchandise booth

Many fans tend to head down to the concert venue hours before the actual show because there are actually quite a number of events waiting for them organized by the company.

K-Pop 101: How To Enjoy A K-Pop Concert In Korea?

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Some includes an exclusive photo booth for fanclub members and some also have special fan benefits that you can collect if you happen to be in the fanclub too.

K-Pop 101: How To Enjoy A K-Pop Concert In Korea?


If you are keen on purchasing the merchandise, you might also have to get down early to queue for the exclusive goods.


#2 Meet up with fellow fans 

You heard of the term ‘the more the merrier’ and it is absolutely true when it comes to heading down to a K-Pop concert with friends who are in the same fandom as you.

Many of you might have also heard of the term ‘Twitter mutual’ and this is also a good opportunity to meet up with them.


#3 Get free non-official merchandises by fans 

Giving away free non-official merchandises such as paper slogan or stickers are becoming more and more common in the K-Pop fan culture these days. Most of the time, these fans would spend their own money to produce such innovative goods.

K-Pop 101: How To Enjoy A K-Pop Concert In Korea?


In order to get these freebies, either retweet their tweet that is designated or show them that you have a ticket to the concert. The condition varies from fan to fan and it is usually fun to queue up to get these freebies especially if you have a friend to go around with.


#4 Take photos with banners

If you are not interested in getting the free merchandises or you are interested in soaking into the concert atmosphere, taking photos with the official banners or the rice donations with your idol pictures are also a fun thing to do!

K-Pop 101: How To Enjoy A K-Pop Concert In Korea?

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K-Pop 101: How To Enjoy A K-Pop Concert In Korea?


Remember to bring your light stick or pretty goods if you are planning to take photo with the banners.


#5 Get close with fans sitting/standing next to you

Even if you attend a concert with a friend, there are chances that your seats are not next to each other. If that is the case, you can still make friends with the fans sitting or standing next to you!

It is recommended to prepare small and light packets of snacks that you can give out and while doing you, the conversation will just naturally begin.