“K-Pop” For The Soul : A Song To Help Your Troubled Feelings – Feat. N.Flying



Another decade is ending soon and we will all be having trouble crossing out the ‘1’ and correcting it to ‘2’ as we greet the year 2020.

As Christmas is just around the corner, it might be a good time to look back into the year 2019 and cheer for what was great and reflect on what needs to be corrected.

For K-Pop, 2019 was certainly a year with several ups and downs which excited the fans and somber for another.

One of the biggest shocking and saddening moments in K-Pop this year would be that of losing 3 souls in the span of two months.

According to the National Center for Mental Health(NCMH), Korea’s suicide rate for youth is increasing every year, and currently, Statistics Korea says, No.1 cause of death for South Korean youth is suicide. However, this issue does not only apply to Korea but rather to every youth all over the world.

Society emphasizes the imminence of establishing a program to help and prevent such tragedy from happening and several K-Pop artists including BTS is well aware of this issue and have been sending out messages to ‘Love Myself’ through their music to the listeners all around the world.

To prevent such tragedy from happening, Life Insurance Philanthropy Foundation(LIPF) launched a campaign called “다 들어줄 개”(Ready to Listen) which is a window for all youth to easily reach out for help.

LIPF developed a counseling app where they can talk freely about their issues and to raise awareness, LIPF has collaborated with various K-pop artists every year as well.

In 2018, JYP artists, YoungJae of GOT7 and Park Jimin released a single “I’m All Ears” which currently has over 1Million views and also, Korea’s renowned rapper, DOK2 released an amazing track for this campaign.

This year which marks the third year of this campaign, FNC’s greatly talented boy band N.Flying participated and have released a song called “괜찮아(It’s Okay)”.

“K-Pop” For The Soul : A Song To Help Your Troubled Feelings – Feat. N.Flying


The song is filled with consoling lyrics that N.Flying has sincerely put into.

“We are grateful to be part of this meaningful campaign. While we were writing, we realized that one of our fans might also have something that they can’t share with others who secretly needs help. With that thought, we have put all our hopes that this song can heal those who are going through a tough time.” Leader Lee SeungHyub commented.