Kang Daniel Accused Of Distorting Facts & Obtaining Contract Illegally

merry lee

The current legal battle between Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment is uglier day by day.

Just recently, LM Entertainment released their statement regarding the current dispute.

“Kang Daniel and his legal representatives have failed to include the fact that LM Entertainment is still the holder of the rights to his exclusive contract. The omission of this is clearly a distortion of facts to tell a more favorable story for his side.

We interpret this as his attempt to win the sympathy of the public, fans and the court in an unfair manner. In addition, the joint business contract obtained by him has been obtained illegally. We intend to take legal action regarding this matter.”

According to LM Entertainment, the agency never gave away or extended their rights to music distribution, copyrights, and performances, to any other third party as stated in the joint business contract.

Stay tuned for updates!