Kang Daniel Donates 30 Million Won Under ‘DANITY’ For Social Welfare Of Hearing Impairment


KONNECT Entertainment

Kang Daniel and KONNECT Entertainment are active in giving back to the society!

On Dec. 24, it was revealed that Kang Daniel had donated 30 million won (USD25,756) to social welfare of hearing impairment “Snail of Love”. KONNECT Entertainment had revealed that through briquettes bank, a total of 31,000 pieces of coal briquettes were given out to warm up the cold winter.

Earlier in December, Kang Daniel had held hands with KT telecommunications on World Disabled Day by contributing to the hearing impaired and non speakers. Kang Daniel did not contribute under his name but rather through his fanclub, DANITY.

KONNECT Entertainment had revealed that they noticed many fans contributing and giving back to the society on Kang Daniel’s birthday and thought thanks to their positive influence, they had decided to give back to the society too. They hope that through such actions, they would be able to bring some warmth to those in need during the cold winter.

It looks like through the kind actions of Kang Daniel and DANITY, everyone will be spending a warm winter!



Kang Daniel
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