Kang Daniel’s Konnect Entertainment Denies Reports Of Him Not Likely To Appear On Music Programs After Solo Debut

kang daniel

With Kang Daniel’s upcoming solo debut ‘Color On Me’ scheduled to be released on July 25th 6 PM KST, fans are probably more than excited to see him return to the K-Pop scene following the disbandment of Wanna One.

However, various reports from South Korean news agencies have hinted that Kang Daniel may not be able to appear on music programs even after debuting as a solo artist.

And if this doesn’t make any sense to you, we’re with you on that as well.

How is it that music programs aren’t booking and inviting a popular K-Pop idol such as Kang Daniel, who has managed to rank #1 on the brand reputation index over ten consecutive times, once he officially debuts? Shouldn’t they be scrambling to get him on the shows?

While that may be how things should be, there are also other factors to consider regarding his current dispute with LM Entertainment. In case you’re unaware, Kang Daniel has been in a legal battle with LM for some time. Kang Daniel’s side claims LM sold his rights to MMO Entertainment, ultimately breaking his trust, while LM contends that they merely formed a partnership with MMO.

The court ruled in favor of Kang Daniel but LM Entertainment recently submitted an appeal, signaling that they won’t go away quietly.

South Korean news agency Sports DongA reported that an industry insider stated that music programs are currently hesitant about getting Kang Daniel on their programs because of the unresolved dispute.

So should fans be worried?

Well  based on what Kang Daniel’s agency Konnect Entertainment recently stated, it seems that they have nothing to worry about. Konnect Entertainment stated the reports are entirely false and they are already in talks with music programs to secure Kang Daniel’s appearance once he makes his solo debut.

Stay tuned for updates!