Kazakhstan Falls In Love With K-Pop Boy Group, Newkidd


On May 8, the Korean Cultural Center of Kazakhstan hosted the “2019 K-POP Festival in Nursultan”.

Newkidd was chosen as the first artist to open the stage, and with their flamboyant performance fans in Kazakhstan was totally hypnotized.

After the performance, Newkidd continued with a local media interview and fan meeting. Newkidd’s powerful performance on stage has enhanced the atmosphere with vibrant energy and more than 1,500 fans gathered on Newkidd’s fan meeting.

Newkidd Official Twitter

Since it was the first meeting with fans of Kazakhstan, Newkidd tried their best to spend meaningful time and capture memories with the fans.

Recently, New Kid has been launching a new album “NEWKIDD”, with the title song”Tu eres”, and their new album has been showing explosive responses to K-pop fans worldwide.

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In addition, New Kid (JinKwon, HanSol, JiAnn, YunMin, WooChul, SeungChan, and Hwi) who have been active in various domestic and international events, will start overseas fan meeting tour by starting from Kazakhstan.