KBS Also to End Mon-Tues Dramas in Late 2019 After Let Me Hear Your Song and Tale of Nokdu


The tidal wave continues as now even KBS is considering ending Mon-Tues dramas, after SBS and MBC decided the same. KBS will air Let Me Hear Your Song next followed by Tale of Nokdu and after that there are no more dramas scheduled to be filmed. SBS is already airing a variety show Little Forest in the summer Mon-Tues time slot and MBC will air Welcome 2 Life and then there is no drama scheduled next. Blame the fallen ratings for all big three networks deciding to call it a day for dramas in that time slot, which just means three less dramas during each period so around eighteen less K-dramas to choose from each year. But tvN started Mon-Tues dramas a few years ago when before it wasn’t there before and the other cable networks could also add to the drama count so it’s not all doom and gloom. But still, fare thee well to the prime time Mon-Tues big three offerings.