KBS2’s ‘Doctor Prisoner’ reveals dark, intriguing first poster


KBS2’s upcoming medical drama, Doctor Prisoner, revealed its first poster on February 27th, combining the central themes of prison and medical settings in the form of an unusual and gritty visual.

The poster shows a faceless prisoner wearing a dark blue suit with an ID number starting from 10 over the right pocket. The prisoner is in a dark room, with the light only illuminating the prisoner’s hands, which are bound with rope. The end of the rope is held by the white-gloved hand of a surgeon, through a surgical clamp. It is not immediately clear if the clamp is controlling the ropes or releasing them, lending a dark and mysterious mood to the poster.

Besides Namgoong Min, who is best known for his titular role in the 2017 comedy Chief Kim, many talented actors have come together for this drama—Kwon Na-ra, who was seen in the acclaimed series My Mister (2018), as well as Kim Byung-chul and Choi Won-young, who are enjoying immense popularity after their appearance in JTBC’s blockbuster drama SKY Castle.

The production team of Doctor Prisoner asked the viewers to look forward to this story of a doctor, played by Namgoong, who is forced to quit his job at a big hospital and work at a prison’s health facility, where he will plan his revenge against the hospital and its officials who ousted him. The drama is expected to critique the hypocritical systems in both fields.

Doctor Prisoner‘s first broadcast is scheduled on March 20.

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