‘Kill It’ drops video teaser featuring Nana as charismatic shooter


Kill It, an action-thriller drama of OCN, released a new video teaser that focuses on lead actress Nana.

The 30-second video employs the same pink and blue color tones used in the character posters released recently. The first scene shows the hands of Nana expertly handling a gun, followed by a shot of her coolly putting on shooting ear muffs. She proceeds to shoot at the target in front of her with the composed body language and unwavering gaze of a skilled detective. Suddenly, Jang Ki-yong appears with a gun in his hand, replacing the shooting target in front of her. He looks at her with a fearless and piercing gaze, leading her to lose her composure, her hand shaking for the first time as her voice narrates, “Killer, become the target of detective.”

In the show, Nana (The Good Wife) plays Do Hyun-jin, an arrogant but brilliant detective who is on the trail of a serial killer after her lover’s death. Jang Ki-yong (Come And Hug Me) plays Kim Soo-hyun, a veterinarian with a sinister secret identity. Hyun-jin is a character who is driven by her present, while Soo-hyun’s motivations are connected to his past. They both share a twisted connection—they were both abandoned as children. What secrets will be revealed when their paths finally cross?

Directed by Nam Sung-woo and written by Son Hyun-soo and Choi Myung-jin, Kill It is slated to premiere on March 23. It is the third series of OCN that premiered this year, following Trap and Possessed.

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