“Kill It” Viewers Cannot Say Goodbye To Jang KiYong And NaNa’s Perfect Chemistry

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The action thriller mystery drama “Kill It” is a hot drama among international viewers. The drama just ended and viewers are sadly saying goodbye to the drama and the characters. (This article is spoiler free).

Jang KiYong and NaNa had the perfect chemistry from the beginning to the end and many fall in love with them. With the drama ending both actors shared last pictures of the set together on their social media.

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– good bye 수현 현진 고마워?

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수고했어기용아, 고마워? _수현이랑현진이랑 #킬잇 #장기용 #나나 #김수현 #도현진 #마지막촬영날

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Netizens commented: “Underrated drama of all time,”, “You proved to be an incredibly talented actor”, “You choose the drama well. I love it so much”, “Love the drama”, “Both of you were amazing”, “We will miss you”, “Best couple”, “Best acting”, “You really look good together”, “Visual Killer”, “Amazing”, “Hope you date”, etc.

On the last day of filming, the two actors were also seen hugging. Proving one more time their great teamwork and communication throughout the drama.

Will you also miss their chemistry?