Kim Dong Wook in Talks for MBC Drama Special Supervisor Jo Chang Bong


This is a great time to strike while the iron is hot for K-actor Kim Dong Wook, coming off a critically lauded and ratings successful turn in the horror thriller K-drama The Guest. His oeuvre has never been mainstream or prime time driven but his next drama may bring him back to the forefront of the big three networks. He’s been offered the male lead of the MBC Mon-Tues tentatively titled Special Supervisor Jo Chang Bong. It’s a feel good dark comedy about a former hotblooded high school gym teacher who is now a mid-level government worker as a special supervisor and he partners up with the private investigator of an agency to take down workplace miscreants. I’m glad he’s still picking projects less for the heartthrob male lead potential and more for the creativity and storytelling as this drama sounds like the kind that viewers will enjoy watching as South Koreans hate work place misdeeds and enjoy seeing justice served.