Kim Dong-wook, Park se-young share handcuffs, gun in new poster from ‘Special Labor Inspector’


On March 26, MBC’s upcoming drama Special Labor Inspector released a new poster featuring its leads Kim Dong-wook and Park Se-young.

The poster is unusual in that unlike most drama posters featuring a couple in a romantic setting, it shows Kim and Park posing with a gun and handcuff. The poster was edited to look like a page from a comic book, giving the actors a kind of superhero effect. The text running over it reads, “You’re all about to get shot!”

Kim Dong-wook (The Guest) stars in the drama as former judo athlete Jo Jin-gap, who often loses his temper at the corruption and injustices in the world. Because of his fiery temperament, he has been fired from several jobs. Just when he settles in his new job as a police officer, he is transferred to the Ministry of Employment and Labor. Faced with corruption cases once again, Jo goes back to his angry self while serving as a special labor inspector.

Park Se-young (Money Flower) takes on the role of Joo Mi-ran, also a Judo athlete and Jo Jin-gap’s ex-wife who has been married to him for over a decade. As far as on-screen pairings go, theirs is quite unique.

Praising her co-star, Park Se-young said, “I met Kim Dong-wook after watching Along With The Gods and he is as professional in real life as on screen. I hope viewers will look forward to our teamwork in the show.”

Meanwhile, the first official poster of the drama shown below was released on March 22.

Special Labor Inspector Poster 1

Special Labor Inspector is penned by screenwriter Kim Ban-di of Angry Mom (2015) and directed by PD Park Won-gook of Working Mom Parenting Daddy (2016). The show will premiere on April 8, replacing Item on the Monday-Tuesday time slot of MBC.

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