Kim Go Eun the Leading Candidate for Female Lead in The King: Eternal Sovereign Opposite Lee Min Ho


This is just behind-the-news chatter but K-ent is reporting that casting is underway for Kim Eun Sook‘s next drama The King: Eternal Sovereign after confirming the crucial male lead role last week with Lee Min Ho. Of course all eyes are on who lands the coveted though also sometimes thankless role of the female lead in what is always more male-centric in how Kim Eun Sook writes her dramas. But this is certainly going to be another ratings hit with lots of exposure, so I was hoping for someone who hadn’t worked with Kim Eun Sook before but now it appears she’s leaning towards using Goblin female lead Kim Go Eun again. I found Kim Go Eun’s role weak and her performance mostly passable in Goblin, one of her weakest outings as an actress, but if she’s cast I won’t be upset more like meh. Like Lee Min Ho’s male lead which is two characters in parallel worlds, the female lead and the rest of the main cast will also be playing two roles and she will be both a detective and also an ordinary citizen in the world where Korea still has a king.