Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young Sport Matching Visuals at Press Conference for tvN Drama Her Private Life


While I’m not fond of Park Min Young‘s entire outfit and look at the press conference for upcoming tvN Wed-Thurs drama Her Private Life, I’m loving how Kim Jae Wook matches with her so well imma give this whole shindig a thumbs up. The leads along with supporting male lead Ahn Bo Hyun attended the press conference today though the drama doesn’t premiere until next Wednesday April 10th (sniffles on the waiting). If Park Min Young is fangirling supporting actor ONE‘s idol character in the long teaser for the drama, I’m fangirling this whole drama as I watched the three-minute long trailer that whet my appetite thoroughly. She’s adorable, he’s coolly handsome, and together he makes her stop daydreaming over an idol boy and fall for a flesh and blood man while she makes him less a slab of marble handsome and start having feelings. Win and win.

Long preview for Her Private Life: