Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young’s Full Blown Romance in Her Private Life Episode 10 is Mindblown Levels of Squee


If anyone has a favorite K-drama rom-com up until today, currently airing tvN Wed-Thurs romance Her Private Life just said “hold my beer” and stepped up to the plate to slay. HOLY SCHMOLY I am at a loss for words for how amazing and adorable this drama was from the get go and now continues to up itself each week. The romance is in full swing now starting in episode 10 which was itself an episode with so much skinship and kissing it needed an near R-rating. Kim Jae Wook‘s every gesture makes my jaw drop, the wrist kiss and the way he just pulls Park Min Young towards him whether sitting on a bus or propping her on a desk to kiss her some more. Nnnnnnnnggggggg, I just sit in front of the screen making incomprehensible noises. But she’s also so in sync with him, and I love how Deok Mi puts her coworkers in place for daring to insult her lion or how she herself squees over all the kissing and wants to make her memory into screenshots and gifs. Ahahahaha, I can’t believe we’ve gotten this level of making out already and there is 6 more episodes to go. The boat is gonna sail soon, I know it!