Kim Jae Wook Confirmed for Rom-com Her Private Life Opposite Park Min Young


I would do the koala happy dance except I’m not quite sure what that looks like in the wild, lol. But imagine it’s happening and at feverish pace because that’s just how excited I am with the confirmed casting new of Kim Jae Wook opposite Park Min Young in the upcoming rom-com drama Her Private Life. The drama is based on a webtoon Noona Fan Dotcom and tells of a museum curator accomplished professional woman by day who is a super devoted idol fangirl by night, and honestly nothing wrong with that since I have a totally professional day job and write a drama blog at night heh. Her newly arrived museum director boss is a no nonsense stern guy at work and in his own time cosplays as a sensitive online netizen posting comments. He finds out about her private life and takes interest in her and of course sparks fly. This sounds so perfectly silly and exactly what I need/want from these two smushed together into one fluffy drama. Her Private Life premieres in early April on tvN after Touch My Heart.