Kim Jae Wook is Art Himself and Park Min Young Prefers Pants Suits in New Stills From Her Private Life


It’s not like I want Touch Your Heart to end quickly….oh who am I kidding Touch Your Heart please end immediately so I can start injection the next tvN Wed-Thurs drama Her Private Life into my drama blood veins. The solo drama stills are out for the main leads Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young and both are quite the vision. He’s like an art piece himself as he shows people around an art museum, like a warm marble piece come to life and eminently huggable. Park Min Young has two sets of drama stills, her present day smart and capable museum curator persona who prefers the sensible pantsuit, and her high school idol fangirl self full of energy and sass in the classroom. I can’t wait to find out how crazy of a fangirl she remains from high school era to the present day, and why Kim Jae Wook needs to enter the idol fangirling world alongside her.