Kim SeHoon Will Not Be Debuting In C9 Boyz Due To Past Involvement In School Violence

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Well folks, it looks like C9 Boyz will be debuting as a four-member boy group with Kim SeHoon having been dropped for being involved with school violence in the past.

However, based on an official statement released by C9 Entertainment, it appears that he has just been dropped from the debut plans and not the agency entirely as they have threatened to sue anyone who continues to spread false rumors about him.

According to C9 Entertainment, the agency was able to confirm that Kim SeHoon was involved to a certain degree in school violence but other rumors such as him throwing chairs, damaging the school classroom ceiling, and etc. were all fabricated. A school teacher stated that Kim SeHoon wasn’t a student who instigated school violence or trouble by himself, nor was he ever one to take the lead in such incidences. The teacher also did express regret over the whole scandal surrounding Kim SeHoon as his misdemeanors were highly exaggerated and that they weren’t serious enough to have become such a big issue among the K-Pop community.

However, some fans seem to have a very different perspective about his past and have been demanding that he be removed from C9 Boyz.

They went as far as to uncover past social media conversations that didn’t exactly scream great publicity for Kim SeHoon.


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And at the end of the day, their demands have been met as it will only be Bae JinYoung, SeungHun, HyunSuk, and YongHee that will be included in the debut lineup.

Hopefully, Kim SeHoon has matured enough to learn from his past mistakes and will be able to continue on in his journey towards his dreams.

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