Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon Cast for KBS Cross-dressing Youth Sageuk Romance Mung Bean Chronicles


This drama just rocketed up my to-watch and if done right can fill a void in a similar drama that is unwatchable now. KBS is prepping an early fall 2019 Mon-Tues drama adapted from a popular webtoon called Mung Bean Chronicles. I wrote about this adaptation a few months ago when it was announced and now it has a lead cast of Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon. The former is a leading child turned young adult actress of her generation with a notable strength in sageuk dramas and the latter is a rising young actor with memorable performances in School 2017 and A Poem a Day. Mung Bean Chronicles tells of a boy living as a girl to avoid marrying the child bride given to him, and a tomboy girl living in a gisaeng house. This totally sounds up my alley and nowadays one of the OGs in sageuk cross-dressing dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal is tainted for rewatching thanks to a scandal-plagued male lead it’s time for another done right cross-dressing true love young romance, this time both ways.