Kim So-hyun confirmed for period drama ‘Mung Bean Chronicles’


Young actress Kim So-hyun will headline the upcoming KBS2 period drama titled Mung Bean Chronicles, according to an announcement made by her agency E&T Story Entertainment on April 3.

Based on a webtoon of the same name and set in Joseon, Mung Bean Chronicles tells the story of Jeon Nok-du, a man who refuses to get married and disguises himself as a woman to enter a women-only community, and a woman named Dong Dong-joo who refuses to become a gisaeng.

Kim So-hyun (Radio Romance) was cast to play the role of Dong Dong-joo, a trainee gisaeng who is hot-tempered and clumsy. However, she can make anything as long as she is given the right tools, and thus has gained the moniker of “Jang Yeong-sil” (a renowned engineer and scientist who lived during the Joseon dynasty) in her small village. She is outspoken and keeps a secret that she cannot tell anyone. Her life becomes complicated after she crosses paths with Jeon Nok-du.

According to a member of the production team, “Dong Dong-joo is just like a character perfectly written for Kim So-hyun. She brings her own charm to Dong-joo, and her participation in the drama is like a gift from the gods. Please look forward to the casting news for Nok-du, who will be Kim So-hyun’s on-screen partner.”

The role of Jeon Nok-du has been offered to Jang Dong-yoon.

Producing director Kim Dong-hwi (Fight For My Way) and screenwriters Lim Ye-jin (Moonlight Drawn By Clouds) and Baek So-yeon will be the brains behind the drama adaptation of Mung Bean Chronicles, which is slated to premiere in September.

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