Kim So Hyun Sports Modern Hair and Surly Attitude as Reluctant Gisaeng in Training for The Tale of Nokdu


The male lead Jang Dong Yoon has gotten a lot of limelight in the first promos for upcoming KBS drama The Tale of Nokdu so I’m pumped to see the spotlight turned over to female lead Kim So Hyun. She’s the “straight man” per se in storytelling parlance to Jang Dong Yoon cross-dressing and likely engaging in the hijinks that come along with, but she has her own rebellion judging from her sporting a totally modern bang haircut in a Joseon drama. She’s a gisaeng in training that doesn’t want to become a gisaeng hence her resting bitch face in some of the new stills, which I love because Kim So Hyun does resting bitch face so well it could slice with her cold haughty demeanor.