Kim SooHyun Sweetly Visits The Set Of “Hotel Del Luna” In Support Of IU, Yeo JinGoo & Director

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Top Hallyu actor Kim SooHyun is back from his military service and was recently seen supporting his former co-stars and director Oh ChoongHwan working on the drama “Hotel del Luna“.

On July 16, IU posted pictures on her Instagram. On her caption, she wrote “The hotel visit of Mr. Baek SeungChan [Kim SooHyun’s characters in the drama “The Producers”]”. IU and Kim SooHyun previously acted together in “Dream High” (2011) and “The Producers” (2015).

In the pictures, herself, Kim SooHyun and her current co-lead Yeo JinGoo are posing in front of a coffee truck. It is written that it is for director Oh ChoongHwan (who worked with Kim SooHyun is “My Love from the Stars” in 2013), IU and Yeo JinGoo. She also took one more close-up picture of her and her drink.

IU’s Instagram

Yeo JinGoo also posted pictures on his Instagram. In the caption, he said “What a surprise!!! SooHyung Hyung!!! Thank you so so much!!!! Hyung~ I’ll try harder with the energy I received from you!!!!!”.

In the posted pictures, Yeo JinGoo is laughing hard as Kim SooHyun is doing a funny pose. The three of them also took a more ‘serious’ picture. Yeo JinGoo acted as the child actor of Kim SooHyun in the drama “Moon Embracing the Sun”.

kim soohyun, kim soohyun iu, kim soohyun yeo jingoo

Yeo JinGoo’s Instagram

Fans and netizens commented “Omg omg, Baek SeungChan and Cindy reunited”, “Kim SooHyun is always supporting IU”, “It’s really Kim SooHyun, I’m screaming”, “I hope you can do another drama with him”, “Kim SooHyun’s face size …”, “It reminds me of “Moon Embracing the Sun”, the greatest drama”, “Awww so cute”, etc.

Their friendship warms the hearts of fans.