Kim Yoo Jung and Yoo Kyun Sang Have an Horse Masked Encounter in Clean With Passion For Now


I’m surprised there’s such a strong opinion against Yoon Kyun Sang acting opposite Kim Yoo Jung in upcoming jTBC rom-com drama Clean With Passion For Now. My worry was that they wouldn’t match up well visually, she’s more cute and perky and he’s my image of broody and intense. But apparently some folks are upset at the 12 year age difference in real life, he’s 31 and she’s 19, but Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doo Joon earlier this year had Radio Romance and they had a 10 year age difference with her being 19 and him 29. Unless somehow the 2 year age difference between these two actors is a deal breaker I’m rather perplexed at all the hand wringing. Once the actresses are over 18 they can do adult role for all I care, short of the actress still looking prepubescent in real life. I do still think the two leads of Clean haven’t sold me on their much needed onscreen chemistry and these new drama stills don’t help what with her in a horse head costume when they meet. Please give me the cuteness, I so want this drama to be good!

Kim Yoo Jung remains super adorable posting from the filming set, she toggles so easily between gorgeous and goofy.