Kim Yoo Jung is a Plucky Hot Mess in First Teaser for Clean With Passion for Now


I am on the spectrum closer to OCD than comfortable mess so it’s going to be an uphill battle for me to like the female lead in upcoming jTBC drama Clean With Passion For Now. If her journey towards love also includes a journey to improving her hygiene and tidy living habits that’ll be a double reason to watch.  I’ll still find her cute onscreen thanks to the charming antics of Kim Yoo Jung who infuses the role with kooky charm as seen in the first drama teaser. I’m still not feeling male lead Yoon Kyun Sang for this particular role but he’s playing the uptight straight man role to Kim Yoo Jung’s effervescent whirlwind who barges into his life so that contrast might work well. The drama premieres at the end of November on jTBC in the Mon-Tues time slot after The Beauty Inside.

First teaser for Clean With Passion For Now: