KPOP Group Holds An International Contest With US$100 Thousand Prize



The boygroup OnlyOneOf launched a contest to promote their new single “dOra maar”. The challenge is to create an English version of the song and everyone can participate regardless of age and country. The winner gets a US$ 100 thousand prize and will debut as an international lyricist, with the version sung by the group.

To apply, the candidate has to rewrite the lyrics of the song “dOra maar” in English, record it and release a YouTube video singing the new version with the title “OnlyOneOf dOra maar contest” and the hashtags #OnlyOneOf and #doramaar. It is not necessary to appear in the video and vocal skills will not be evaluated. The application period closes on March 31st (KST).

The new song enhances the sophisticated concept of OnlyOneOf. “dOra maar” is an urban R&B track that profoundly match with the vintage drum sound, which expresses beautiful insecurity of love. The single is connected to “picassO”, other track in the album [unknown art pop 2.1] and was also present in the debut album of the group. Both songs were inspired by the romance between renowned painter Picasso and Dora Maar, also painter, photographer, and the artists’ muse.

The septet is formed by KB, Love, Rie, Yoojung, Jung, Mill and Nine, and had its official debut in May 2019 with the singles “Time Leap” and “Savanna”. The group puzzles the public with their storytelling narrated through their songs and experimental music videos, aesthetically pleasing. Addressed by Billboard as one of the main k-pop acts to receive attention in 2020, OnlyOneOf is rising as an international boyband, gathering millions of views on YouTube and support from fans worldwide.

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