Hello Venus’ Kwon Na-ra looks sharp and confident as a psychiatrist for KBS2 upcoming medical drama Doctor Prisoner. The production team of the series released another set of stills from the drama, this time focusing on the actress’ character.


Doctor Prisoner centers on Nah Yi-jae, a genius doctor played by Namgoong Min, who is forced to quit his position from a renowned university hospital due to a medical incident and finds himself working for a health facility in a prison. The series will tell how he will get himself back on his feet and take revenge against the hospital that ousted him, as well as uncover corruption and power struggle between the people in the medical field.

Photo Credit: ISPLUS

Kwon Na-ra plays psychiatrist Han So-geum, Nah Yi-jae’s potential love interest, who is working in Taekang Hospital. She and Nah Yi-jae used to work together before he got involved in an incident that caused his expulsion from the hospital. The latest stills feature Nara’s character as a chic, intelligent, and passionate female doctor who cares so much about her patients even beyond her duty as a doctor.

Doctor Prisoner also stars Kim Byung-chul, Choi Won-young, Lee Da-in, Park Eun-seok, Lee Min-young, and Lee Joon-hyuk. Its production team is led by director Hwang In-hyuk of Laurel Tree Tailors and Assembly and screenwriter Park Gye-ok of Inspiring Generation.

The series is set to premiere on March 20, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday prime time slot currently occupied by Liver Or Die.

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