Kyung Soo-jin in talks to romance Kang Ji-hwan in ‘Joseon Survival’


Kyung Soo-jin has received an offer to star in the upcoming time-slip drama Joseon Survival, according to a statement made by her agency, YG Entertainment, on March 13.

Joseon Survival tells the struggles and friendship of a delivery man in present-day Seoul and a famous thief in Joseon. Kang Ji-hwan (Feel Good To Die) is considering to play Jung Rok-gi, a former member of the Korean national archery team who has failed in becoming an Olympic champion due to an injury and ends up working as a parcel delivery man. After he becomes involved in a mysterious incident, he travels back in time all the way to the Joseon Dynasty, during King Myeongjeong’s reign, along with his younger sibling and first love. He is willing to risk his life for the two women he loves.

Kyung Soo-jin is “currently positively reviewing” to take on the role of Lee Hae-deun, Jung Rok-gi’s love interest. She is a trauma doctor and third-year resident in the emergency medicine department of a top hospital in the country. The only daughter of a wealthy family, she is described as an elegant and charismatic woman.

The actress made her acting debut in 2012 through Man From The Equator and went on to appear in famous dramas like That Winter, The Wind Blows and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. She got to play her first lead role in a primetime mainstream drama in 2017 through the 10-part fantasy rom-com Meloholic. If she accepts the role in Joseon Survival, she will be starring for the first time in a primetime mini-series—a drama which runs for 12 to 20 hour-long episodes or 24 to 40 half-hour episodes between 9 and 12 pm Korean Standard Time.

Joseon Survival will be directed by Jang Yong-woo of D-Day and written by Kim Sol-ji of Syndrome. It will air in the latter part of 2019 on cable network TV Chosun.

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