Latest Episode Of “Workman” To Feature Jang SungKyu As EXO’s 1 Day Manager

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Jang SungKyu Instagram

Many avid fans of EXO as well as viewers of YouTube channel “Workman” are eager to watch the latest episode.

The reason being Jang SungKyu will be working as 1 day manager of EXO!

For those who did not already know, Jang SungKyu had previously bumped into EXO’s SuHo while he was working as a part timer in a gas station. Since then, the producer of “Workman” had suggested having him on the show as a manager and it looked like everything was settled between the producers and SM Entertainment.

Last week, “Workman” had teased viewers with a short clip of Jang SungKyu working as the manager for EXO and since then, many could not wait for today to come. You can check out the short teaser that he had uploaded on his Instagram below.

It was said that the new episode will be released on Jan. 3, 6 pm KST on “Workman” YouTube channel. For other episodes, you can also take a look below.

Not long ago, Jang SungKyu had also shared selfies taken together with the members of EXO.

It was also said that ChanYeol had invited him to EXO’s concert recently. He was also seen receiving ‘hearts’ from ChanYeol during the concert.

Are you looking forward towards the latest episode of him working as EXO’s manager?