Lee Dong-wook: Yoo In-na 1 reason for joining ‘Touch Your Heart’


Lee Dong-wok admitted in an interview the reasons behind his decision to take part in the tvN series Touch Your Heart as his latest project on the small screen. His co-star Yoo In-na is one of them.

The actor said his trust in the people with whom he would be working in the new series is the reason why he chose to headline the drama. Touch Your Heart director Park Joon-hwa is especially his trusted colleague who encouraged him to take the role and told him to find comfort and happiness through the series.

Lee added that his “comfort and trust” in working with lead actress Yoo In-na is one of the reasons that drove him to take the project, which reunites him and her after their popular pairing in the mega hit 2016-2017 fantasy romance series Goblin. “Thanks to Yoo In-na, from the script reading until now, we’ve been able film extremely comfortably. Yoo In-na is extremely meticulous, so she catches the things that I miss and helps fill in the holes. She’s helping me a lot,” Lee said.

Touch Your Heart, which is based on a webcomic of the same name, tells the story of a top actress (played by Yoo In-na) who loses stardom after getting embroiled in a scandal with a third-generation chaebol. Later, she has gone undercover as the secretary of a perfectionist and genius lawyer (Lee Dong-wook) in order to get experience for a film role.

According to Lee, his character has no interest in dating and his line between his work and personal life is very clear. “He seems like a rigid individual who cares only about his work but in reality, he is a very warmhearted person,” the actor described. He also mentioned that his character’s personality matches with his by about 30 %.

As someone portraying a high-flying lawyer with a case success rate of 90%, Lee has been working hard to be able to give the audience a solid performance characterized by his character’s knowledge of the legal jargon and perfectionist attitude. “I think I’ll be able to show everyone something new,” he said with confidence. As for his reunion with Yoo, he remarked that they are going to try to show a chemistry different from what they had in Goblin.

Touch Your Heart is directed by PD Park of Because This Is My First Life and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. It will air every Wednesday and Thursday beginning February 6, taking over the time-slot currently occupied by Encounter.

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